Do not be ordinary

Wednesday Eight Week of Ordinary Time

Sirach 36:1, 4-5, 101-7

Mark 10:32-45

It is “Ordinary Time” in the Church year and I can now wear my favorite dark green chasuble. It brings out the Irish in me! No more, white for a while, no more pink or purple for a while. However, Ordinary Time is anything but ordinary, as now we celebrate and are challenged by the paschal mystery of Christ. Our readings today present to us anything about being ordinary, but challenges us to be extra-ordinary.  

In our first reading from Sirach, we hear the wonderful lines, “Lord, come to our aid, look upon us, and let all the nations around us know what we know. That there is no God but you. Give new signs and work new wonders.”  Sirach cries out for God to be extra-ordinary. 

The first line of the Gospel says, “The disciples were on the way, going to Jerusalem, and Jesus went ahead of them. Those who were in the front were amazed and those who were following behind were afraid.” In Jerusalem is where Jesus will be going to his passion and death. The disciples will all be brought to a new understanding. However, James and John have their understanding, and that is when they arrive in Jerusalem all the angels from heaven will come down and fight for Jesus and defeat the Romans. James and John want to make sure when this happens, they want the seats of power one on his left and one on his right.  

Jesus has a new understanding to share with them as he responds, “This shall not be so among you. Whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all.”  

As we gather today, how many of us knelt down and prayed and then told God how we wanted Him to answer our prayers? What would be new and different, not ordinary, if we prayed, here are my prayers, please answer them as your will is to be done. Now that would take extra-ordinary faith. Our Eucharist is given to us to be able to say in faith, “In all the things, we hope and pray for today, may it all happen Lord, as you wish!”  



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