Surrender to God

I love our readings today, because they have drawn me to contemplate, “How have I totally surrendered to the will of God? Am I doing all I can to live in the promises of God? And am I living a life in full gratitude to God?” What a wonderful set of readings to challenge us to know that God has so much more in store for us this day. 

The writer from the book of Sirach gives us something to contemplate. Do we see that there is an order to all of creation and that God is not limited to God’s mighty acts in his prophetic word, but that God does act in and through all of creation as the writer says, “Let me describe how I see God acting in the rising sun, the depths of the sea, and the fleeting spark of a fire?” The last line is very powerful, which says, “Can one ever see all the splendor of God.”  

In our Gospel, we hear the story of Bartimaeus a blind man and Jesus restoring his sight. However, the story is so much more than just a physical healing. Notice there is no touching Bartimaeus, there is not words of healing. Jesus simple says, “Go your way; your faith has healed you.” But Bartimaeus does not go on his way, but goes “on Christ’s way” as he now joins Christ and becomes one of his followers. 

Can we totally surrender to the will of God and live in hope and gratitude doing all we can to believe in Jesus Christ? These readings have helped me go from feeling that I am pushing this big heavy stone up a mountain, to get out of the way and letting much stronger and wiser push the stone.  




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