Are we being all who we should be?

Friday Eighth Week of Ordinary Time

Sirach 44:1, 9-13

Mark 11:11-26

All School Mass

 When you think of the people that we look up to that have influenced us the most in our faith, who did you think of?

 Answer: Parents, grandparents, teachers, priests, seminarians.

 Those people have shared their faith with us, so we may be what we should be, in the eyes of God. Our readings challenge us to ask, “Are we being all who we should be?  

In our first reading from the book of Sirach, the writer praises men of great prayer and faith, who have kept the covenants and who passed these on to their children. They are being praised for being all that they should be. 

In our Gospel, Jesus sees a fig tree, that is not producing any fruit. He condemns the tree and upon their return, the tree has withered and died. The tree was not being all that it should be.

When Jesus arrives in Jerusalem and goes to the temple and there is buying and selling of things, and not prayer and worship. The people are not being all that should be he condemns them and throws them out of the temple.  

Faith is about putting all of our trust in God, to surrender to his will, to live in hope, and to do all we can to do our part. Today we gather in this Holy Eucharist to be all that we should be in the eyes of God.  



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