Quiet! Be Still!

12th Sunday Ordinary time

Job 38:1, 8-11

II Corinthians 5:14-17

Mark 4:35-41

I had a great time with my brother and a friend of ours fishing in Maine. Three out of the four days we had two of us in the canoe, and one guy in a kayak. The last day was my day in the kayak and we were fishing the Kennebec River. As we put in that day, the water was moving pretty good and the wind was very strong to where at places there were white caps on the river. The only way I could fish, was to run the kayak into the shore and cast out into deep water. Just as I was doing this method when I hooked a fish that pulled me away from the shore and out into this fast water. Now I am fighting this fish, but now I am traveling backward down the river. As I look behind me I could see white water and rapids quickly approaching. I was absolutely panic and feared for my life! I eventually did say something like the apostles in our gospel, “Lord, do you not care that I am about to die?” But I said a whole lot of different things before I got to that line. I landed the fish, took it off my hook, and grabbed my paddle just before the rapids. As I maneuvered through the rapids the river became very calm. 

Our readings bring us to question in ourselves, “What do we do when adversity and hardships come our way in our lives?” I think there are times in our life when we think that living a life of faith means that God is supposed to grant us all health and wealth because we deserve it. The reality of our faith, is we are to know our faith, to help us maneuver through all of our storms, wind, and water in our lives. Our readings help us to understand a strong spiritual truth to this today. 

Our reading from Job, is a great place to start. Job is the guy who has everything taken from him and he has three friends who come and tell him that he has done something wrong to deserve this and he is to repent from his sinfulness and God will relent his punishment. Job claims his innocence, but wants his time before God to ask his own questions. What we miss, in our story is Job, questioning God. What we get is God’s responds to Job and this is what God says, “Job you are an innocent man, I only wanted to show that you are a loyal servant to me even in the face of great pain and suffering.” God reminds Job of all of his blessings and asks Job to focus on what he is doing in his life. 

Our Gospel is just awesome today, and there are so many lines that I love, but the best line for me is Jesus saying, “Let us cross to the other side.” Why? Jesus was just preaching and teaching and doing miracles, they had it all working, why, cross to the other side? Because Jesus wants them to know one thing and know it well. A storm blows up, so much that even seasoned fisherman, who know this lake well are afraid, and Jesus is alone sleeping in front of the boat. The disciples cry out “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” He awakes from his sleep, and with great authority says, “Quiet! Be still!” and the wind and the waves are calmed.

 What are the storms, the wind and the waves in our lives? How do we need to hear Jesus say to us, “Be quiet! Be still! I am right here! You are too precious in my eyes that any harm will come upon you! You are to dear to me to let and unnecessary harm to you! Be still and have faith! Not some faith, real faith.

The Eucharist is given to us to be a reminder to us that Jesus Christ lived and died and rose from the dead for our sake. Let us hear the words of Christ, “Quiet! Be still! I am closer to you then you think” be in our hearts this week.  

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