Give Care

Tuesday Twelfth Week of Ordinary Time

Genesis 13:2, 5-18

Matthew 7: 6, 12-14

 Think of the saying “take care.” We say it all the time! What we mean to say when we say those words is, “Take care of yourself.” I get that! However, I also hear something that we really do not want to mean and that is “take someone’s care from them.” Wouldn’t it be better if we said, “Give care!” Our readings challenge us to our Christian obligation to give more care than we take. 

In our first reading, Abram does not “take care”, but he “gives care” as he lets his nephew, Lot choose which land to move his family and livestock too. If Abram, “took care” he would have chosen the fertile Jordon valley which what was the better land, but he let Lot choose and that was what he selected. Abram by giving care would still be blessed as God stayed true to his promise that his descendants would be a numerous as the stars.   

In our Gospel, Jesus is saying something like, “Do not take people’s care, but give to people your care! This is hard to do, and it will be like entering through the narrow gate.”  

We gather to know the care of God for us. As we celebrate this Eucharist let us be strengthened to give care today to all that we meet.


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