God is in control


Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Acts 13:13-25

John 13:16-20

We all have a pretty good idea how this day is going to go. We have school and homework to attend to, lesson plans to teach. We may have lunch or dinner plans. This gives us a sense of control. However, within all those plans, we do not know how all those plans will play out. This can give us a sense of being out-of-control. Our readings today will challenge that feeling and help us to be at peace.

In our Gospel, Jesus says, “I am telling you all of this before it happens, so you will know that I am.” Jesus is fully aware that his hour has come, and he is in control. (Although it may seem like things are out of control.) Jesus is letting us know that distractions, interruptions are all going to happen, but he is still in control.

In our first reading when Paul is asked to speak gets up and gives a quick over view of all of ancient Israel’s history. Within all of this history, there are stories of is disruptions, persecution, promises made and promises broken, but through all of these things, God revealed that he would be with his people.

We gather today and there will be interruptions to our day; some may lead to fun, and some may lead to a challenge. It is in all these distractions that God is trying to act so we can see him more clearly.

May we move about this day, with prayerful hearts, and eyes of faith! Seeing God in all our distractions! 



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