God gives us his peace!


Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 14: 19-28

John 14: 27-31

Prayer: Dear Lord, so far I am doing pretty well. I have done what you asked, I have sought your word, and I have felt your presence that has warmed my heart and soul. I have been at absolute peace so far this day. I am very grateful about all of this. But in a few minutes, I will be getting out of bed, and from then on I am going to need a lot of help. Have you ever felt this way? Our readings help to know God’s peace.

In our Gospel, Jesus is at the Last Supper; he knows what is about to happen, and he has every reason to be concerned, and yet he says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give it to you.” What I hear in that statement, is he is going away, and he is leaving his “peace” but as he leaves, he will also give his “peace” when it is needed. He goes on to say, “I am telling you all of us this, so that when bad things happen, you will remember and know this peace.” 

In our first reading, Paul knows of this peace, and he lives in this peace. Some Jews who were upset with him stone him and leave him for dead. Paul somehow survives and when he gets feeling better, he goes right back to the same place and continues preaching the Word of God.

This peace that is being talked about in our readings is the fruit of Jesus’s relationship with the Father. It is perfect peace! We are part of this when we are obedient to them. We can know this peace when we are people of great prayer. The secret, I think is doing what the disciples did and that is looking for the presence of God in our lives. This brings peace, and finally, being a person of peace, helps others be at peace.

God has promised us his peace, may we in this Eucharist be strengthened in that promise. May you know the peace of Christ and know his peace in this community.


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