Get off the scale


Fifth Week of Easter Thursday

Acts 15:7-21

John 15: 9-11

Do you have a scale to weigh yourself at home? Not that I obsessed about my weight, but I do weigh myself occasionally.  There are days, I like what my scale tells me, and there are days, I do not like what the scale tells me, but either way my scale tells me the truth it never lies.

In our reading from Acts, we hear “God always knows what is going on in our heart.” Like my scale, which tells me the truth, God knows the truth about us. Stop and think about it, right now God knows what is going on in our heart? Whatever we want to tell him, and whatever we may not want to tell him God already knows!

Our Gospel follows this up well, because what should be in our heart? Jesus says, “Remain in my love.” I like that line, but it reminds me of just standing on my scale looking down at what it is telling me. I need to know, “remain in my love.” However, no matter what, I need to get off that scale and go do something, which is to love. However, it is not just to love as I want to love, it is to love as Jesus himself loves. That is a whole new level of love, there is no room for complacency!

As we celebrate this Eucharist let us live this day trusting and living that God knows what is in our heart. May we live with great hope and with great joy!  



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