Let us have faith


Tuesday Thirteenth Week of Ordinary Time

Amos 3:1-8; 4:11-12

Matthew 8:23-27

St. Irenaeus


I really do try and live by faith. I really do! However, occasionally, something happens that shows me just how much farther in faith I have to go. Last Friday, Cheryl and I were called to the hospital to visit a family was wife/mother was dying. As the two HS children came, the father hug the both of them and said, “Mom, is really sick! If God wants her that is ok, because it is God’s will. If he wants us to have her, we will take care her, either way, we are to be strong in him.” I have never heard it said so well, and with such conviction. The woman died yesterday, and as the story was told to me, the husband held his wife in his arms and said, “Honey, it is ok, to go, you are going to a much better place, the girls and I will get our strength from God.” Once again, we gather in faith, to be challenged to grow even more in faith. 

In our first reading Amos the prophet is doing all he can to move the people back to faith in God. He reminds the people that they are God’s chosen people and with that comes relationship comes responsibilities and obligations. Amos is trying to get them to return to God in faithfulness and holiness. If you fail to return to God you better be ready to meet an angry God. 

Our Gospel is all about an act of faith as the disciples are being tossed about in their boat in a violent storm. In Greek, the words “violent storm” means the earth is shaking, so this is a very frightening storm. As the disciples are being tossed about, Jesus is sleeping in the front of the boat. They cry out “Lord, save us! We are going to perish!” Jesus gets up, questions them about their little faith and calms the wind and the sea. This calming of the sea, we are to take notice of because this is what happens when we turn to Christ in our time of need. 

Where is our faith today? Where is our stumbling block to faith? The Eucharist is given to us to move us to faith, may we come to truly believe in Jesus Christ.



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