In Christ we can do anything

Thursday of the 13th Week Ordinary Time

Amos 7:10-17

Matthew 9:1-8

My daughter, Meggin gave birth yesterday afternoon by C section to a beautiful baby girl who is still unnamed as far as I know. The baby was 8lbs 13oz and 22 inches long. I have already begun to wonder what kind of grandchild she will be! Of course she will president of the U.S.! Of course she will be the first girl to play in the NHL? Of course she be smart? Of course, she is already beautiful! Our readings show us when we respond to the call of God, he can and will empower to do great things.

In our first reading, Amos was a humble shepherd and a dresser of sycamore trees. (The sycamore of Israel is also referred to as a mulberry fig and produces a small fruit – edible, but not known for having a great taste.  The job of the dresser was to puncture the fruit days before it was to be gathered to help with the ripening process.) Yet when God called Amos, he gave this simple man the courage to stand up to the most powerful leaders of the time and speak to them the hard words of God that they needed to turn back to God.

In our Gospel, a paralytic man incapable of doing anything for himself, is carried to the side of Jesus on a stretcher. This man asks for nothing, yet Jesus cures him, but before he can return home Jesus heals him of his sinfulness, which is a deeper healing.

My friends in Christ we can do anything, in Christ! Let us stand up and be not afraid. Let us have the courage to keep walking forward in faith! The Eucharist is our affirmation of this great miracle in our midst.  




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