It is Grandparents Day!


Tuesday of the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 14:17-22

Matthew 13: 36-43

St. Joachim & St. Anne


It does not bother me that the names of Anne & Joachim, who are the parents of Mary, do not appear in sacred scripture. It does not bother me that all we know of them comes to us from an apocryphal Book by James. We all have parents, and it good to celebrate, the parents of Mary and all they did to raise her in the faith. Today is a great day, to stop and think of those who handed their faith onto us, and pray for them and thank them.

Legend has it that Anne and Joachim suffered greatly for being childless, and took it as a sign of God’s great displeasure in them. In their lament, which is just like the lament of the prophet Jeremiah, who laments the destruction of Jerusalem, Joachim retreats to the desert and Anne remained at home. While they were both apart, they each received a message from an angel, assuring them they would soon conceive a child, but not just any child, a child that would be revered for all of time.

However, God’s Word has more to teach us, as we hear in our Gospel, there are good seeds that are thrown and there are bad seeds that are thrown. What are we throwing to our children and to our grandchildren? Our children and our grandchildren are looking up to us to help them with life. Are we strong enough to make sure what we are throwing their way is our faith in Jesus Christ?

As we are grateful for Anne and Joachim, and they did to raise Mary, to be the Mother of God, may we use this Eucharist to strengthen us to share our faith with our children and grandchildren, so when God calls them, they will be ready to respond with a firm yes.




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