We will survive!


Thursday of the 17th Week

Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 18:1-6

Matthew 13: 47-53

How did I ever survive kindergarten? We lived out in the Township of Walled Lake, and I had to walk to my bus stop, without my older brother or sister, and then I had an hour’s ride to school. I never remember talking to anyone, hence my dislike of buses. I remember being on the playground when the horses, next door got out and were running all over and sent us kids scrambling for cover, hence my great fear of horses. I remember this picture being taken, the woman, taking the picture insisted on wetting my hair, hence I do not allow anyone touching my hair. It is a wonder that I survived kindergarten! However, if I focus on our readings, I am giving a reason, why I survived kindergarten.

In our reading from the prophet Jeremiah we hear that our lives are in the hands of God, and he is like a potter, turning the wheel, so he can shape our lives, like the clay on that wheel. Sometimes with all the best intentions, the clay does not take the shape the potter hoped for, so he simple begins again, shaping the clay to what he wants it to be.

In our Gospel, we hear about a huge net being thrown into the sea and being pulled onto the shore. When it is on shore, the good fish are picked out and put onto the shore while the bad fish are thrown back into the sea. Noticed there are no questions asked, just by looking, they know what fish to keep, and what ones to throw back.

We today need to know that by the hand of God, we too are going to survive this day, because God is shaping our lives, into what he wants. That is why we come to the Eucharist, to help us know, if we can survive kindergarten, we will survive today, by God’s grace.

K Picture



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