To be obedient to the Lord!

Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

Conversion of St. Paul

Acts 9:1-22

Mark 16: 15-18


Today we celebrate the Conversion of St. Paul, which is great and wonderful to celebrate, but there is another conversion that also happened in our story today which also teaches us a great lesson, and that is with the person of Ananias who is asked by God to go to Saul. 

The first thing we are told about Ananias is he is a “Disciple”, he is a man of faith, a man that has already given himself to the Lord. As soon as the word of the Lord came to him he responds, “Here, I am Lord.” Ananias was listening for the voice of God. 

The Lord has a special mission for Ananias, he wants him to go to Saul, and this command probably didn’t make much sense! After all, Saul hated Christians. He had been arresting them and putting them to death. How many times in our lives does God command not make sense? When Ananias hears the command from the Lord, he balks at it! He tries to wiggle out of it. Ananias had to be terrified to meet with Saul. God tells Ananias that Saul is going to fulfill a very special place in bringing the Good News to the Gentiles. Ananias went as he was told and was obedient to the Lord. Ananias went to the house where Saul was, he entered in and he touched him. Then he did something that must have touched the heart of Saul like nothing he had ever heard in his life. Ananias called Saul “Brother.” Because Ananias obeyed the Lord, Saul was healed from his blindness, he was filled with the Holy Ghost and He was used by God as no other disciple had been used. 

What is God asking us to do that we may be afraid to do? How can we be obedient to the will of God? The Eucharist is offered to us, to be obedient and to do the will of God.




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