Words of Encouragement!


Thursday of the Third Week of Ordinary Time

St. Timothy & Titus

II Timothy 1:1-8

Mark 4: 21-25


The other night someone called and left me a message. They had been in our gym watching our 5th graders play basketball. As they were leaving, they noticed that multi- purpose rooms 1 & 2 had groups in them. There was another group in the Erin Isle room, and there was a group in the choir room. This person made the comment “It is so incredible that our Family Center is being used so well, it is truly a sign of an active church.”  All I could do was smile! Our readings come to us today as words of great encouragement! 

In our first reading, St. Paul writes words of great encouragement to his younger friend Timothy. Paul tells him, “Stir into a flame the gift of God that is already in his heart.” Paul wants him to keep his faith burning red hot. 

In our Gospel, Jesus gives words of great encouragement as he says, to his disciples, “Keep your faith burning brightly as a lamp. Take care of what you hear it may ruin your heart.” Jesus is giving them a pep talk and is encouraging them to do great things. 

Doesn’t it feel great to be here today? What a gift we have in the Eucharist? Here is our challenge! Try and say only words of encouragement the rest of the day. Try not to say and words of discouragement. Try and only say words that build people up.  May the Eucharist we share encourage us to greatness today?



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