Be able to stare at Jesus!


Tuesday of the Fourth Week

Of Ordinary Time

St. John Bosco

Hebrews 12:1-4

Mark 5:21- 43


Every day when I get out of bed, it takes me a few minutes to get my feet to move properly. I shuffle a bit before I can begin walking normally. It is a bit harder to move my feet properly in the mornings. Do you have a time of day or hour that is difficult for you? I also have to spiritual time that is difficult, and that is Monday’s my day off. I Mondays’ I am not here, I am not in my clerics and the evil one play havoc with my soul. I have to get to what I call my “hour of power” prayer time to set my life back in order. The thing I do every Monday morning in prayer is hold onto a very old crucifix that someone gave me, and I just stare at Jesus and talk right to him. Our readings are about staring at Jesus and knowing he will help us.  

In our first reading from the letter to the Hebrews, the writer is so encouraging them to continue to stare at Jesus by knowing there is a whole huge crowd of witnesses that are cheering for them. He then goes on to say, “Run the race to win, but know it is a marathon, not a sprint.” Finally, he simply says, “Just look to Jesus and find him in all you do, because he is looking for you.”

In our Gospel, there are people who are looking for Jesus because they know that he can help them and heal them. Jesus has the great power to heal, and he does both these healings with very little words. His presence is enough. 

May we come to the Eucharist today to be reminded that Jesus Christ is already healing us, protecting us from all harm of the evil one? May we be at peace!



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