We are happy!


Friday Ninth Week

All School Mass

Tobit 11: 5-17

Mark 12:35-37


Is anyone happy today? Why are you filled with happiness?


We hear about people who are filled with great delight in our readings today.


In our first reading, Tobit is happy as he is healed from his blindness. Tobiah, his son, returns home very happy to have his mom and dad meet his new bride Sarah. This story ends that all the Jewish people in Nineveh filled with great joy.


In our Gospel, the people are “filled with great delight!” after listening to Jesus. They are filled with great delight as Jesus explains that he is the “messiah” was is to come from the direct line of the Son of David.


All of you came to school back in September with great hope to learn and to grow in your faith. You leave now for summer vacation happy because you have done what you had hoped to do. You have been given an excellent education are formed in the way of faith.


May we experience Jesus Christ in this Eucharist and know he is the reason for our joy!    



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