Let our yes mean yes, and our no mean no!


Tuesday of the Tenth Week of Ordinary Time

II Corinthians 1:18-22

Matthew 5:13-16

St. Anthony of Padua



My foolish pride is the most dangerous weapon that the evil one uses against me. I have realized how many times I say yes to the Lord when I am mean no. Pride is a major contributor of not living the way that God wants me to live. Our readings are going to challenge us to get say yes and mean it! 


In our first reading, St. Paul admits telling the people of Corinth that he would visit them on his way to Macedonia, but for some reason, he did not. The people are accusing him of being two-faced by saying yes and then going back on his word and saying no. Paul invokes the will of Jesus who completely said “yes” to the will of God in all that he did.     


In our Gospel, Jesus says, “You are the salt of the earth. But if salt should lose its taste.” Salt was used for many things, but it was also used as a symbol of wisdom. Jesus is saying, “Do not lose your wisdom.”


Jesus continues, “You are the light of the world.” Well, how brightly is our light shining today? Our light shines brightly when our yes means yes and our no means no. Has pride dimensioned our light?


Let us pray that pride does not diminish our light and let our yes mean yes, and our no mean no. The Eucharist is offered to us today to strengthen us to do God’s will.





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