Living in the Spirit!


Wednesday Tenth Week of Ordinary Time

II Corinthians 3:4-11

Matthew 5:17-19


Our Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team are the American League Calder Cup Champions for the second time in five years. Those players had to play above their potential, to play as a team and through injuries to win the cup. Congratulations to the GR Griffins! Our readings speak to us about living above what we think we can do for Jesus Christ.


St. Paul in our first reading, knows that his whole life has changed. He has gone from killing Christians to being a Christian and speaking for Christ, instead of against Christ. Paul can take no credit of his own for this change and gives all the credit to the grace of God. Paul encourages the people to look to Christ who is the new covenant, and he will change their lives. This new covenant is written not on stone but in their hearts.


In our Gospel, Jesus says, “I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill the law.”  Jesus is letting them know that the Ten Commandments and the Torah are all good and need to be followed. Jesus is pushing for the Spirit of the Law to now be followed, and that is fulfilled in him. Living in the Spirit of the Law means living by a higher standard. God’s law is true and righteous, and it flows from his love, goodness, and holiness. It is a law of grace, love, and freedom for us.


What is this “Spirit of the Law?” We all know we are called to love, but what if someone of different color or race walked in, what would we think? We all know we are to forgive, but we can all think of someone who we have not forgiven? We know that we are not to gossip, but how do we tear others down and talk bad about them? We all know we are not to lie, but even little white lies are still lying.


May this Eucharist we share, help us to live in Christ being led by his spirit.



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