Our physiacl and spiritual pains!


Friday Tenth Week of Ordinary Time

II Corinthians 4:7-15

Matthew 5:27-32


Who woke up this morning with some ache or pain? Who of us woke up thinking “I am not sure if I can make this day?” We all have aches and pains, especially us 60 and older. Age never bother me but turning 60 this year is really troubling me! Our readings are about our physical pains and our spiritual pains.


In our first readings St. Paul says, “We are a treasure of an earthen vessel, a clay pot, we all suffer from affliction, constrained in some ways and perplexed in others.” However, with God’s help we are not destroyed, not stuck down, because we find the strength to carry on in Christ. Paul had lots of afflictions but with his heart always turned to Christ he was never struck down.


In our Gospel, Jesus is saying now do not bring extra pain and suffering onto yourself that you do not need too. Keep your hearts, your eyes and your minds clear and you will not have to suffer needlessly. Keep yourselves pure, and God will bless you. Sin begins with the intention of sin, not the act itself.


We all have physical pain but what we want to avoid is spiritual pain. We do that by turning to God for all we need this day. We are to look no further than this Eucharist because God has come to save us.



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