Let us pray!


Thursday Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time

II Corinthians 11:1-11

Matthew 6:7-15


Our Gospel today speaks about prayer. How is our prayer life? Most of the time I say about prayer that it is important that we show up. Jesus says, “Do not babble on. I heard you the first time.” Jesus teaches his disciples to pray and the Our Father and the first thing to notice about the Our Father is the personal pronoun is plural and will remain plural throughout the prayer. We can pray this prayer in private, but it is meant to be prayed in the community. This is why we pray it at Mass.


The second thing to notice is there is a prayer of petition, where we seek from God what we need most in life.  We seek our daily bread, we seek complete dependence on God. We have nothing to worry about nothing to be anxious about; God will provide for us.


Thirdly there is our need to be forgiven for our transgressions against God and each other.  We petition God’s forgiveness for ourselves knowing full well that our forgiveness carries with it an essential condition.  We must forgive each other as God forgives us. Forgiveness is a very powerful request mostly because it is so very difficult for us when we are hurt, betrayed, or even overlooked. There are no loopholes in this prayer; it is our reminder that we cannot do this alone.


We end the prayer with a request to be free of temptations and all evil.  We want to live be filled with God’s grace and live in that grace.


Today we have been given another reminder of why we are to pray. May this perfect prayer of the Eucharist guide us through this day?




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