I am so blessed today!


Friday of the 17th Week

St. John Vianney

Leviticus 23:1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34-37

Matthew 13:54-58



I am so blessed today and every day! The Good News of this is that you too are blessed! Praise the Lord! Even in our infirmities, we are blessed. Yesterday, I took apart this plywood closet that I had made years ago. There were eight sheets of plywood that were three feet by five feet. I had no idea how to dispose of them, so I put them out on the street. Within an hour a father with three little kids came by in an old pickup truck. He loaded all the plywood in his truck and said the kids had wanted a fort to play in and these sheets of plywood will greatly help in building the kids a fort. I am so blessed today and every day!


In our first reading, the Lord God is teaching Moses how blessed he and the people are every day. God has ordered their lives to be holy, and he wants them to stay holy by worshipping on the Sabbath and by annual Holy Days. What makes these days holy is that at the end of major agricultural events, God wants special Holy Days that exceed ordinary days. All of these events are given to the people to remind them how blessed they are every day.


In our Gospel, we hear how Jesus comes home and begins to preach in the synagogue. At first, the people know how blessed they are to have one of their own to be the savior of the world. However, things change very quickly as they no longer see the blessings of having Jesus in their midst and they begin to question who Jesus thinks he is.


How would it be, if we responded to everything today with the words, “I am so blessed today?” The Eucharist we share is our blessing.



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