In God’s love!


Tuesday of the 18th week Ordinary Time

Numbers 12:1-13

Matthew 14:22 -36

St. Dominic



Gary & Angie, I want to begin my reflection today by saying how privileged and honored I am to be here today to celebrate with you and this community your 25th wedding anniversary. I believe our readings have a lot to say to all of us, but especially to all of you who are married.


In our first reading, Miriam and Aaron the brother and sister of Moses are complaining about their brother Moses. They are complaining about Moses marrying a Cushite woman; I will not be saying any more about that, especially on your special day. The other thing they complain about which was their main reason for complaining was that God spoke only to Moses and not them. God calls all three of them to himself and tells them that he does communicate with other prophets through visions and dreams, but they do not always understand what God is telling them to do. God’s relationship is something special as God communicates face to face to with Moses and Moses understands what he is to do. Moses is the greatest prophet of all and is the meekest man on earth.  


When married couples speak in dreams, visions, or only through complaining the other person may have a hard time understanding what the other person wants or needs. However, when couples can speak face to face, with great openness, then wonderful things can happen like the two of you have known. Another thing for marriages to succeed is to remain humble and meek. Angie and Gary, thank you again for your wonderful example to us of what marriage can and should be.


In our Gospel, Jesus makes his disciples get into a boat and cross over the sea at night to the other side. During the darkest part of the night, a storm begins battering the boat, and the disciples are scared. The disciples see Jesus walking on water, and he tells them, “take courage, it is I.” Peter testing who this is walking to them says, “Lord if it is you, command me to come out to you. This line is only in Matthews’s version of the story. As long as Peter looks at Jesus, he can walk on water, but as soon as he looks down, he falls into the water.


The words on every married couple’s lips, Lord, if it is you, let me risk loving this person as I love you. If it is you let me forgive this person as you have always forgiven me. Lord, if it is you, help me to keep my eyes on you as my spouse, and I walk together.


Gary and Angie thank you for being that sign to us of love, forgiveness, and faith. May this Eucharist sustain us all in God’s love.



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