In our brokeness!


Friday of the 19th Week

Joshua 24:1-13

Matthew 19:3-12


Our readings speak to us today about authentic, and honest relationships and how do we sustain authentic relationships. One way is always to see the good in our relationships and to keep working at them to make them better. I also think it is good to know how we are broken and how this relationship helps us to be a better person. There should always be an urgency to continue to move the relationship to a new place.


In our first reading, Joshua has summoned with an urgency all the tribes of Israel to the great sanctuary at Shechem. He recalls for the people how broken they were on their journey to the Promised Land and how faithful God has been throughout their history and how God has guided them and has been leading them all these years. They must remember their brokenness and how good has been to them in giving them the Promised Land. Joshua reminds them that God has always been faithful.


In our Gospel, we hear how Jesus raises up the relationship of marriage and says, this is the ideal relationship, where two people commit themselves to each other, and become one flesh. To become one flesh is hard work, it helps to remember how broken we are, not made perfect, but made broken, in need of healing. Marriage should always have an urgency about it, to move this relationship forward through all the twist and turns of life. Jesus will always be there to strengthen married love.


As we gather around the altar and celebrate the Eucharist, we gather with an urgency in our brokenness, for here is where we can be healed. Our “Amen,”  to “The Body of Christ,” is our acknowledgment of God’s grace working in us.




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