God is demanding things of us today!


Wednesday of the 31st Week

Romans 13:8-10

Luke 14:25-33


What more can be done, to live a life of faith, to be filled with peace, and to know joy? What will it cost us today to live a life of discipleship? God is asking much of us, and demanding even more. Our readings are very blunt today.


In our first reading, St. Paul sets the stage as he emphasized how important is to love. St. Paul is encouraging us to love in heavenly ways.


In our Gospel, Jesus takes discipleship to a whole new level by saying, “We are to hate our father, mother, spouse, brother, and sister and our very lives.


We hear these words of Jesus, and we instantly think well Jesus does not mean this and we look for ways to soften this message. The other thing we might do is treat these words of Jesus as a buffet and pick and choose what we want and what we do not want. Neither of these choices is the best; we just need to understand that Jesus is demanding a lot from us. 


Jesus is very demanding, and these words are hard to understand. What Jesus is saying is the hating another is not about rejecting another but to reorder our relationships! There can be no relationship above our relationship with Jesus Christ. If we truly loved God as we should then our relationship with our spouse, our children, our friends, and our loved ones will be radically different.


The Eucharist is given to us to help love above all things this day. God will ask much of us today, but he will demand even more of us! What will we do or say to give evidence of this demanding love?  



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