Do we know of God’s abundance for us?


Wednesday of the First week

Of Advent

Isaiah 25:6-10

Matthew 15:29-37


Our readings speak to us about God’s abundance to us in our lives. We all know the abundance of food, water, shelter, and clothing and having our needs met, and most of our wants. However, Advent is a time to waking up to all that God has to offer us, so there is more to these readings that need to be explored.


The prophet Isaiah sees life in abundance for God’s people when he says, “On this mountain, the Lord of hosts will provide for all peoples.” The key word is “all” peoples. On this mountain, he will provide a feast of rich food and choice wines. He will wipe away all our tears.” To climb a mountain is hard work, but once one gets to the summit, it is all worth it.


In our Gospel, the people with Jesus is on a mountain, know the abundance of God as he heals the blind, lame, and the sick and anyone in need of healing. The people have been traveling with Jesus for three days without eating, and they are hungry. Jesus feeds them simple food of bread and a few fish, and they all eat until full, and there is food left over.   


My friends in Christ, as I reflect on the readings today, it is about knowing God’s abundance in our lives because we are willing to climb the mountain to seek Christ in all things. Are we willing to believe that God is going to be at the summit when we get there? This simple bread and wine will be transformed into the body and blood of Jesus Christ that is our abundance.






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