Make a home for God’s word in our heart!


Thursday, January 4, 2018

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

I John 3:7-10

John 1:35-42


Ask, “Where do you live?” Repeat the question. We all have places we call home, places where we will go back to after we are done here today. Our readings are driving home the point that we are to make the Word of God a home in our hearts.


In our first reading, John is telling the people when you allow the Word of God to make a home in your heart you can only live in righteousness. Righteous living is defined by goodness and kindness shone to others. What kind of God do we reveal because of our actions?”


In our Gospel, Jesus turns to John’s disciples and asks, “What are you looking for?” The two disciples respond, “Where do you live?” Jesus says, “Come, and you will see what peace and happiness truly is.”  Notice Jesus does not give an address or mention a place, Jesus leaves it wide open.


What I find amazing is not only do these two disciples go and follow Jesus to his home, what I think is more amazing is John allows his disciples to go. John is truly about allowing people to make Jesus part of any one’s home. Andrew one of the disciples goes to his brother Peter, and says, “We have found the Lord” You have to come and see for yourself.”


Where do we live? Do we live in such a way, as to allow God into our home? Do we live in such a way, to make a home for God in our heart?



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