How are we sleeping today?


Wednesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

I Samuel 3: 1-10, 19-20

Mark 1:29-39

Finally, readings I know something about, and that is sleeping! I am at my best when I am sleeping. Who among us likes to sleep? I do not always get enough sleep, but I try to get as much sleep as possible. Sleeping is good, but we do not want to sleep through our spiritual lives.


In our first reading, Samuel is awakened from his sleep because he hears someone calling him. He raises three times and goes to Eli until Eli figures out that it is the Lord that is calling Samuel. I think this proves something that happens to me and that is in between that moment of sleeping and waking up quite often is the time I am given a revelation about things I have been thinking about during the night. The moment I awake is the time I am most relaxed and at peace and God comes rushing in with a message.


In our Gospel, Peter’s mother-in-law is sick, and she is sleeping. When Jesus arrives, he takes her by the hand and helps her up, and she waits for him and the others. Peter’s mother-in-law is a good example to us when we are not feeling well we do need to rest and get as much sleep as possible so that we can recover.


So maybe if we are not sleeping well we may be ignoring God and sleeping through our spiritual lives. How do we need to feel the hand of God waking us from our sleep and pulling us to him?





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