What is in our heart!


Wednesday of the Fifth week of Ordinary Time

I Kings 10: 1-10

Mark 7:14-23


Catholic School Week was last week, but because I was gone, we are celebrating it this week. Today is mixed matched clothes day.


Take a student was is dressed in the craziest outfit, have them come out into the aisle.

I am announcing that this is our new school uniform for the rest of the year. Our new school uniform will be hard to beat, but what I am more concerned about is what on the inside of our students. Our readings are challenging us to see the importance of looking on the inside so we will know what to do on the outside.


In our first reading, the Queen of Sheba has heard about the magnitude of the kingdom of King Solomon. The Queen decides to visit King Solomon, and she is impressed with all the exterior things, the palace, food, uniforms of the attendants and the banquet hall. What the Queen becomes impressed with comes out of King Solomon in his wisdom and answering all her questions. She praises God for granting King Solomon with such great wisdom and how he will lead the people of God.


In our Gospel, Jesus hammers home this idea of how important it is to know what is going on inside of us as he says “There is nothing that comes from outside a person that can corrupt a person; only the things that come from inside a person corrupt a person.”


Our school children may look a bit peculiar on the outside, but we are more concerned about what is going on in the inside of them. How will we use the wisdom that God has given us to strengthen what is going on inside of us? And how will we look into the hearts of those we will meet today and not judge them? Our job today is to see that everyone around us succeeds.


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