Be a superhero for Christ!


Thursday of the Fifth week of Ordinary Time

I Kings 11: 4-13

Mark 7:24-30


As we continue to celebrate Catholic School Week, it is Super Hero Day, and many of our kids are dressed up as superheroes. In our readings today we have someone who was considered a superhero and no longer is a superhero, and we have someone who was never thought of like a superhero and becomes one.


In our first reading we have King Solomon, and all week long we have heard about his greatness and his superhero powers. King Solomon was a superhero because he built the temple, he brought the Ark of the Covenant to the temple, and he amassed a great fortune, and he built a beautiful palace. In our story today he falls from this superhero status because he begins to worship foreign gods and his heart was no longer with the Lord.


In our Gospel, Jesus travels to Gentile territory and enters a home where he wanted no one to know where he was staying. A gentile woman approaches him falls at his feet and begs him to heal her daughter. Jesus says, “Why should I throw good food to dogs?” Jesus is speaking to her in a very insulting manner. She speaks with superhero power as she says, “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall on the floor.” Jesus praises a gentile woman for her superhero faith.


In our faith, we have many superheroes they are called saints. Saints are those who had come before us and lived lives of great faith, and we aspire to be like them and be holy.


Who wants to be a superhero? It will mean being courageous in faith. It will mean being more loving and understanding than ever before, and it will mean being full of mercy! May we all strive to be a superhero for Jesus!


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