I am going fishing!


Friday Octave of Easter

Acts 4:11-12

John 21:1-14



Our memories are a powerful thing. I was listening to the radio yesterday in the car, and a song came on I had not heard since my college days, and it took me right back to that time.


In our Gospel Peter and the others are using their memories to go back to a simpler time, so they go fishing. I think Peter is fishing for answers more than fishing for fish. How can he forget what just happened at the last supper, how he denied Jesus, how painful Jesus looked hanging on a cross, looking into the empty tomb, and now Jesus being raised from the dead? Peter’s memory is filled with lots of things.


When professional fishermen do not catch anything, Jesus tells them to put their nets on the other side. All of the disciples begin to pull on the nets, and they cannot bring the nets because of the amount of fish. When they come to shore and Peter smells the charcoal fire he remembers what happened at the last charcoal fire he was at. When Jesus asks him for some fish, it is Peter alone who goes and hauls in the nets that all the others could not bring in. Peter is trying to erase the memory of that last charcoal fire.   


How is our memory today? Are we still lost in guilt or shame of something we have done? Is there still doubt and fear in our memory of things that have not happened in our lives? May the resurrected Christ fill our day with hope, and peace, and may we believe that Christ has come to save us.


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