We are ressuection people.


Second Sunday of Easter

Acts 4:32-35

I John 5:1-6

John 20: 19-31


Why did you come? What did you come to see? You have seen the construction; you can see the barricades, so why did you come? The valet parking? The disciples are asking the very same question of Jesus in our Gospel today, “Lord, why did you come?” Our readings beg us to know why we have come, and celebrate the risen Christ in our lives.


In our Gospel the disciples all except Thomas are huddled together in a closed room, and Jesus appears to them saying, “Peace be with you.” The disciples get to see, hear and feel the risen Jesus. Later that day Thomas returns, and the others tell him, “We have seen the Lord!” Thomas says, “Unless I get the same chance you got, to see him, to hear him, and touch him, I will not believe.” Thomas is asking for no more than what the disciples had gotten as evidence of Jesus risen from the tomb.


One week later all the disciple are gathered together in their locked room. Why? Why does the world not know that Jesus is risen from the tomb? Jesus has already appeared to them once. The doorway to the tomb is open, but the doorway to the disciples home and hearts is closed tight. The house the disciples have been staying in has become a tomb. The disciples are the ones who are the ones who are doubting, not Thomas! When Thomas sees the Lord, he makes a strong profession of faith, “My Lord and my God.”


Is our faith, any more different than the disciples since Easter? If we want to know what we believe about the resurrection of Jesus, look at our lives and how we live. Our beliefs or lack of are what guide us through our lives. Our faith is not based on an empty tomb; our faith is based on the resurrection, so we must be resurrection people.


People who believe in the resurrection know that faith and life are messy. Resurrection people ask hard questions, and they know answers do not always come. Resurrection people believe more in what God believes about them than what they believe in God. Resurrection people know that God is always entering places that are locked to bring his peace. Resurrection people unlock doors even when they do not know what is on the others side. Resurrection people may never touch or see Jesus, but they believe that Jesus has been seeing and touching them. Resurrection people say along with Thomas, “My Lord and my God!”


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