Our nighttime selves.


Easter Weekday Tuesday

Acts 4:32-37

John 3:7-15


I think to make more sense of our Gospel, we have to go back a few lines to the beginning of this chapter in the bible, and then it gives more meaning to what is going on in this story. The line is “Nicodemus came to Jesus at night.” I think this is significant because I ask the question, “Why did he not come during the day?” I think it is because, during the day, Nicodemus knows who he is, he has an identity, he has a reputation as a leader in the community, and he works hard to keep that reputation clean. However at night, Nicodemus has to face himself, and all of his questions about life, and he is confused and lost. The nighttime living is not much fun, so Nicodemus has to do something to figure out who he is so he comes to Jesus in the night and asks his questions.


Do we have a daytime person and a nighttime person? Do we have a time that we are sure of ourselves and a time that things get a bit shaky?


Jesus responds with today’s Gospel, that “You Nicodemus must be born from above.” What an answer to a guy who is already struggling to figure out who he is and who Jesus is. What Jesus is inviting Nicodemus to do is to share in a personal relationship with him so that he will no longer struggle in the night. We need to be born again, and again, and again until we get it right!


In our first reading from the Book of Acts, the disciples have this personal relationship with Jesus as the community of believers is of one heart and one mind, and no one went without.”  


This personal relationship with the risen Christ needs to become evident in our lives during the day and be secure in our lives during the night time. May we find what we need in this Eucharist.


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