Name of Jesus on our lips!


Thursday Second Week of Easter

Acts 5:27-33

John 3:31-36


Can you imagine a world where the name of Jesus Christ is not spoken? The name of Jesus Christ needs to be on our lips, as we go throughout our day. The most powerful prayer we can say is simply saying the name of Jesus over and over. 


In our first reading the apostles have been arrested twice and put in jail, and now there are standing trial before the Sanhedrin. This high court of priestly men question the apostles about preaching in the name of Jesus Christ. The Sanhedrin says, “We gave you strict orders not to preach in that name.” The Sanhedrin cannot even say the name of Jesus Christ. The apostles respond with we have to be witnesses to Jesus Christ. What they mean by being a witness to Jesus Christ is they not only need to speak his name and repeat as often as they can they also need to show this in their actions. The disciples are saying; we have to repeat what we know because it is in our spiritual DNA.


In our Gospel, we continue with the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus. Jesus is inviting Nicodemus into a personal relationship with him and letting him know that he needs to be a witness for him.


We become good witnesses when we repeat what we know about Christ in our lives. An easy way to do this is by living in complete gratitude for all that God has done in our lives. We thank Jesus by name for helping us through all the troubled times, the things that filled us with doubt and fear, and God saw us through those difficult times. It may even be that those very things we worried about were turned into a blessing by God.


We also need to live in gratitude and thank Jesus by name for the things that God will do in our lives that we do not even know about at this time. To live as to trust that God will bring us blessings that we cannot even see at this time.


May the name of Jesus always be on our lips!



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