Come to the Eucharist when we struggle!


Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 3: 13-15, 17-19

I John 2:1-5

Luke 24: 35- 48


Do you remember a time when you were lost, confused and did not know what to do? What did you do during this time of struggle to get out of this time? In our Gospel, Jesus gives all those in that room three things to help them get out of their fear, doubt, and confusion and they are the three things he wants to give us to help us today.


The first thing Jesus does is give them his peace. He knows how troubled they are and how confused they are so he says, “Peace be with you.” We too can know this peace by being people of gratitude. People of gratitude know God’s peace because they think back to all the things that kept them up at night, that made them not sure what to do and how God help them through those times. Before coming to St. Patrick’s there were two things that I was worried about that became a blessing to me.  People of gratitude do not stop at just looking at the past and seeing how God helped them through hard times, they also look to the future and say, “I look forward to the blessings that God has in store for me even though I do not know what that might look like for me.


The second thing Jesus does for the apostles is he tells them he will open the scripture to them and give them the wisdom they need. Reading Sacred Scripture during times of struggling is so uplifting because it contains the very truth we need to hear.


The last thing Jesus does is he eats with them. When he eats with them, he says, “Touch me, feel me, and know that I have truly risen.” When we are struggling in life, confused about the future, it is good to enjoy a nice meal with friends to make sense of life.


Then Jesus says, “Now be a witness to me.” What Jesus is calling the apostles and us to be is a witness who not only professes the Good News with our lips, but it is evident in all of our actions.   


Do you see what Jesus laid out for them to do in times of struggle? He offers them peace, the scriptures, a meal and then dismisses them to go out. Jesus is offering the Eucharist. May we know what the disciples have been given which to come to the Eucharist when we are in times of struggle and pain.



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