God will bring us to joy!


Friday of the Sixth Week of Easter

All School Mass

Acts 18:9-18

John 16:20-23


Who remembers being born? Was it painful?

Answer: None of us remembers being born. We do not know if it was painful or happy.


Those of us who are gathered here today who have given birth to a baby. Was it painful?

On a scale of one to ten, how much did it hurt?


Mr. Big C, how painful was it for you when your two children were born?


To all of you who have given birth to a baby. When did you forget the pain and know joy?


Our lesson in our Gospel today is a good one, it is a lesson we need to learn over and over again because it happens so often. Our lesson is when we are struggling with life, when things do not turn out the way we want, God is still there to bring us joy.


When we are worried we do not fit in, or when it seems we do not have friends, or when we think we do not look the way we should, God is going to bring us through these hard times to joy. We need to notice that Jesus does not say, happiness, he says joy.


We come to the Eucharist, to be in contact with the joy of Christ. May we always know this joy!



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