Change is coming and so is Jesus!


Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Acts 20: 17-27

John 17: 1-11



Change is hard, leaving can be scary. It will mean starting over, meeting new people and making new friends. It will be moving out of a comfort zone and trying to look like you know what you are doing. I am not only talking about myself I am talking about our 8th graders who only have 13 more days of school then it is off to High School and places unknown. In our readings today Paul and Jesus are leaving their places of comfort, and they both teach us a very good lesson.


In our first reading, St. Paul is preparing to leave Ephesus, he stayed there three years, and this will be the longest he will stay in any of his travels. He is preparing to return to Jerusalem. Paul has collected a huge sum of money that he wants to give the Christian community in Jerusalem that is suffering hardship and famine. Paul knows that he too will suffer difficulty and maybe imprisonment. St. Paul has a lot to worry about but what he does is hand over this community to the Lord.


In our Gospel, Jesus is about to face his passion and death, and he knows what effect this will have on his disciples. Jesus prays for his disciples as he too hands them all over the God the Father to look out after his disciples.


In a time of change, it is easy to think of only ourselves; the challenge is to still think of others and how we may help them make a smooth transition. In perfect love which the Lord gives us, there is no room for fear. We are to follow the example of Paul and Jesus and hand over our loved ones to God and trust that God’s grace is enough for us! The Eucharist we share is our remembrance of God’s goodness to us.  



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