What are the dividing lines in our lives?


Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Acts 20:28- 38

John 17: 11-19


All of us at one time or another have something that happens in our lives that make a “dividing line” in our lives. A “dividing line” could be a heart attack, a death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss, a shattered dream or an aging body. In some way, our lives are a series of dividing lines.


A dividing line gets us to step back and begin to see the world in a whole new way and to seek answers to questions that we may have been afraid to ask before. Dividing lines bring the walls we fear crumbling down; life gets very real as new walls are built.


In our Gospel, Jesus is at a dividing line as he is saying goodbye to his beloved disciples. Jesus goes on for four chapters and 117 verses as he talks about leaving and what it will mean for his disciples. Three things are very clear in his prayer; he asks that God will protect them, he asks that God will protect them from evil one, and he asks that God will set them in truth.


What are we working out in our heads and hearts this day that is causing a dividing line in our lives? What are we struggling with that is causing us worry and anxious moments? May we do what Jesus does, he does not run away, he does not close in on himself, he does not get angry, he does not complain. Jesus weeps, he grieves he gathers with his friends, and he prays. He prays with the faith that Easter is on the others side of the dividing line.  


When we come to our dividing line, will we see the face of Christ?



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