Live to our potential!


Wednesday Ninth Week of Ordinary Time

II Timothy 1:1-3, 6-12

Mark 12:18-27


Have you ever noticed that birds are most active early in the morning before dawn and late in the evening when dusks comes? The birds have much to teach us. Our readings are about living to our fullest potential. We live to our fullest potential when we are grateful at the beginning of the day and when the day ends.


In our first reading St. Paul is in prison, and is writing to his good friend Timothy. Timothy has been having a very difficult time leading a church, and one of the reasons may be because he is very young. Paul tells Timothy to reach your fullest potential stir into a flame the gift of faith that has been given to you. Paul wants his friend to succeed and gives him good advice of what to do in the morning and in the evening.   


In our Gospel, Jesus has just described the sanctity of marriage as a special relationship. Marriage needs to work to its fullest potential because it is a reflection of the Trinity. Jesus is saying do not be misled; marriage is sacred to even death. Those of you who are married, try harder because the other person is worth it. Married people should give thanks together in the morning and in the evening.


How are we going to live to our fullest potential today? We do this by giving God thanks in the beginning of our day for all that God will do. We claim that God will act, this keeps us attentive to God. At the end of our day we look back and see how God did act, and we give thanks. The birds have it right by singing so beautiful each morning and night, may we do the same.


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