It is ok to fail at what we are not good at so we can succeed at what we are pasionate about!

Wednesday Tenth Week of Ordinary Time

I Kings 18:20-39

Matthew 5:17-19

St. Anthony of Padua


It is ok to fail at what we are not good at so we can succeed at what we are passionate at! It is finding our passion and exceeding at this a hundredfold.


In our first reading, Elijah knows what he is good at which is believing in the power of God in his life. He is absolutely in on God. Elijah invites all four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal call to a barbeque, but no one brought matches to start the fire. To get their fire started the prophets of Baal call out to their god all morning long. When the fire does not start in the afternoon, they dance and jump around the altar until exhausted, yet the barbeque is not lit.

Elijah is so sure of God and his presence he pours fours containers of water on his barbeque and then he prays to God to light his barbeque, and God sends fire from heaven. 


In our Gospel, Jesus is saying you can fail at many things but what I am going to give you is a sure recipe for success, because “I have not come, not to abolish the law, but to fulfill the law.” Jesus is encouraging the people that following him is going to require following a higher standard than what is expressed in the law. This higher standard reflects God’s ultimate intention for his people.


Our passion today needs to be on God, so fail at what is not God’s so he can bring us to a higher standard.




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