Lord, I am weary!


Thursday Tenth Week of Ordinary Time

I Kings 18:41-46

Matthew 5:20-26


I am getting weary! As each day passes and it is closer to the day I leave, I get weary. I have to pack, there is the Plaza Project, and there are appointments and the business of the church to take care of. I am weary! If you are feeling weary, there is hope from our readings today.


I have enjoyed the stories all week about Elijah. He has every right to feel weary, but he keeps on going. He has run to escape death, he has run out of food and water and needed to travel to a foreign land, he had to outwit 450 false prophets, and today all he has to do is make it rain to end the drought. As he prays, he sends his servant seven times up the mountain to look for rain, on the seventh time rain does come. Elijah runs before the King in his chariot as a sign of honor that God has acted in a powerful way in Elijah’s life. God has acted because Elijah always keeps his focus on God and believes in all that God has told him.


We can hear this Gospel and think, “It is just making me wearier!” If we keep our entire focus on Christ and seek balance in our life than what Jesus is asking of us is doable. We will realize what God is asking of us because we are in tune with what God is asking of us and it is all doable.


Let us not be weary, let us look to Christ and rest in his arms, for he held us up.

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