It is time for a transition!


Wednesday Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time

II Kings 2:1, 6-14

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18


Once again what profound readings we have for us today. I may be the only one who is leaving, but I am not the only one in transition. All of us are in some level of transition as I leave and Fr. Tom arrives. We are all trying to anticipate what life is going to be like after July 6th. Our readings help us to be asking the right questions and to be doing the right things.


In our first reading, we hear about the transition from the prophet Elijah whose time has come to an end to the new prophet Elisha who will be the new prophet for Israel.  As Elijah is preparing to leave, he turns to Elisha and asks, “Ask for whatever I may do for you, and I will grant it?” Elisha could have asked for anything he wanted, wealth, long life but Elisha knows that to be a good prophet for Israel, he would need to have a good relationship with God, and so he asks for a double portion of God’s spirit. A “double portion” is asking for what a father would give his oldest son as an inheritance. It is not a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  


In our Gospel, there is the transition Jesus telling his disciples of what they need to do to be connected to him. Jesus tells them to be people of prayer, people who fast, and people who give alms. In times of transition, we are not to neglect these three things.


In this time of transition be well and know that God is good and he will take care of us. 


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