We are people with powerful words!


Thursday Eleventh Week of Ordinary Time

St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Sirach 48:1-14

Matthew 6:7-15

In my move to Holy Spirit Parish, the room that I am most concerned about is not my office; it is not the living room or the kitchen, it is my prayer room. I need a room that I can put my prayer chair, a candle, and a crucifix. I need this sacred inner room to help me to go out into the outer room of life and know what to say and do. The line before our Gospel says, “When you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to God in secret.” A good prayer room is the most important room in my new rectory.


In our first reading from the writer of Sirach, we hear that Elijah by his words was able to bring down fire; he brought a man back from the dead, and he sent kings to destruction. Elisha by his words brought about many marvels. I can only imagine these two men having a prayer room to be in contact with God to go and do all the great things of God.


In our Gospel Jesus speaks powerful words as he teaches his disciples how to pray the Our Father. The words we are to say begin with giving God glory and praise, we acknowledge that we are given what we need, and then we say the words that we will say words of forgiveness to those who need forgiveness.


As we gather this day let us be mindful of the words we speak today.  Our words have the power to build up or to destroy.  Let us listen to the words of God and speak his words of comfort.



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