We have been invited!


Tuesday of the 18th Week Ordinary Time

Jeremiah 30:1-2, 12-15, 18-22

Matthew 14:22-36


Last evening Fr. Mike and I got invited to a dinner party at a rectory with three other priests. The host of the evening was a perfect host. There was plenty of wonderful appetizers and plenty of beverages to choose from, and the rack of lamb for dinner was outstanding. Of course, the conversation went from the insane to the hilarious to the serious, and when we got up to leave the host insisted that he be the one to clean up. The host was the perfect host as he made the evening enjoyable for all his guests. In our readings, God is the perfect host, and his intended guests are paying the great benefits.


In our first reading from the prophet Jeremiah, even though the people continue to stray away from God, God is the perfect host by saying, “I have invited you and invited you, and you still go about your sinful ways. I am not going to wait until you turn from your sinful ways, I will show you my great love and mercy.”


In our Gospel, Jesus is the perfect host as the disciples are being tossed about by the sea. Jesus walks out on the water to be with them, but they think he is a ghost. When Peter accepts the invitation to come out, he begins to sink when he feels the strong wind. After Peter and Jesus return to the boat safely, the disciples proclaim, “Truly; you are the Son of God.”


God is the perfect host by inviting us back, from our sinful ways. God is the perfect host by holding our hands through troubled times. May we accept this invitation and know of God’s great banquet that he has invited us to this day.



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