What are our bad habits?


Wednesday of the Twenty- Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Galatians 2:1-2, 7-14

Luke 11:1-4


Do you bite your nails when you are nervous? Do you play with your hair, and curl it with your finger? Do you tap your foot or crack your knuckles? All of these are bad habits, and they are hard to break. In our readings today we have people that are behaving badly as they are repeating bad habits.


In our first reading from the Book of Galatians, we hear how Paul and Barnabas have been preaching to the Gentiles. Peter and the others come from Jerusalem to witness what has been going on and when they sit down to dinner Peter and the others including Barnabas refuse to dine with the Gentiles. Paul is furious, and he argues with Peter about continuing in his old ways and not adopting new ways of doing things.


In our Gospel, one of the disciples asks Jesus to teach them to pray, and Jesus teaches them the “Our Father.” “Lord, teach us to pray” is a great question for us to ask because our prayer life should always be evolving.


All of us know the “Our Father” as it may have been one of the first prayers we learned. The “Our Father” is a traditional prayer that we say a lot, and hopefully, we are becoming what it proclaims. We petition God to rid from us bad habits which are our lack of forgiveness. We ask God to forgive us and to help us forgive those who have hurt us.


We should never be seen as saying one thing and doing another. Let us break old habits and create new good habits.


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