The word of the day! “Beloved!”

Tuesday, January 7

I John 4:7-10

Mark 6:34 -44


Our readings come to us today as a tidal wave, yet we probably do not know how soaking wet we are! Our readings answer two very fundamental basic questions that we all ask.


Our first reading gives us the first question which is, “Is it possible in a world of seven billion people that God knows me by name and loves me?” All week long beginning with last Saturday, the writer John begins the reading with the word, “Beloved.” In writing this word “beloved,” the writer is telling us this is more than “God loves you.” To know we are his “beloved” is giving us an identity, an identity that we need to come to own. When we walk into the room, God claps, he gets a twinkle in his eye.


Our Gospel gives us the second question which is, “How do we respond to this crazy love that God showers down upon us?” In today’s story, Jesus is teaching a vast crowd, and he is moved with pity for them. As it getting late in the day, the disciples want the people to go home to get food. It is clear to Jesus that the disciples do not get what he is about. Jesus tells them, ”You feed them!” In other words, Jesus is saying, “You love them!” Of course, the disciples are shocked that Jesus would say such a thing as there is no food around to feed everyone. Jesus takes the five loaves and two fish, blesses it and gives the food to the disciples to give to the people.


It is when we wrestle with these questions can we know who we are and what we are to do. Gratefully we come to the Eucharist to get answers to both of these questions.



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