Are we overcome with fear?

Thursday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Hebrews 12:18-19, 21-24

Mark 6:7-13



How often does fear overcome us? A little fear is ok, fear moves us to action, but being overcome with fear paralyzes us into doing nothing. So what are you worried about today? What are you nervous about today? Take a breath and know that God is in charge and his grace is enough.


The writer of Hebrews is trying to connect all of the things in the Old Testament to a new understanding of Jesus Christ. In ancient times it was believed to be fearful to go up a mountain. It would be a place to meet God or other spirits. The writer gives us reason to have courage as he says, “You can approach Mount Zion, and you have nothing to fear, for you have countless angels gathered around you.” Wow! What a great image for us who are a bit nervous today.


In our Gospel, the disciples had lots of reasons to fear as they are being moved from innocent bystanders to active participants in the ministry of Christ. Jesus sends them out on a mission of sharing the Good News. In planning for this grand affair, they are not to bring a second pair of sandals, a second tunic, no food, no sack, and no money. The disciples have every right to be nervous; they will have to place their trust in Jesus and him alone. The disciples come back sharing stories how they drove out many demons, anointed the sick and curing many who were sick.


When we are overcome with fear it is good to remember to breath. To take in the breath of God and to breathe out that God’s grace is enough for us. We come to the Eucharist to be fed on food for our journey. Do not be afraid and know that God’s grace is enough.







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