Peace I leave you; my peace I give you!

Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

Acts 14: 19-28

John 14: 27-31


We are all seeking some kind of peace somethings work, and something does not work so well. After the children or the grandchildren leave, we might say, “I just want some peace and quiet.” We pray often for world peace. However, I think our readings are challenging us to seek a deeper kind of peace, a peace that comes only knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.


In our reading from the Acts of the Apostles, St. Paul must have learned what true peace means to him because he is stoned and dragged outside the city walls presumes to be dead. The disciples come to him thinking they are going to have to do a burial and Paul gets up and goes back with them into the city. The following day, Paul and Barnabas travel to Derbe and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. As they make many disciples there, they return to where Paul was stoned and the two of them beginning preaching the Good News all over again. The story of all of this is told so simply, but yet the underlying message is when you know Jesus Christ true peace is available to face anything.


In our Gospel, Jesus is at the Last Supper, and he knows he will be leaving soon, so he says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give it to you.” He goes on to say, “I am telling you this, so when I am gone, you will know peace.”


We gather today in this holy place to know the truth about everlasting peace. As I understand true peace, it comes when we spend time in prayer and frequent reception of the Eucharist. The promise given to the apostles and us at the Last Supper is peace.   


May we know God’s peace this day!



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