Stay connected to the vine!

Fifth Week of Easter Wednesday

Acts 15:1-6

 John 15: 1-8


One who is a “disciple” is one who learns from the teacher. There is much to learn today from the “teacher.”


In our Gospel, we are told that Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches. In teaching us this, we do know that apart from Jesus Christ, we can do nothing. When we are connected to Him, we can do anything because our power comes from Him. Jesus makes it very clear that when we stay connected to Him, we can bear much fruit.


So what is our destiny? Jesus gives us this image of a vine because his hearers would readily know what a vine looks like and could hold this image in their minds. At my home, there is a neighbor down the block with a chainlink fence. Growing all through this fence is a grapevine that has been growing for years. The vine is all tangled up through the fence, and now it would be tough to take the vine down from the fence. As Christ disciples, our challenge is to know that we are one in Christ, we profess that at every Mass. We are to live in community with one another, but we know it is messy as we are all tangled up together. No matter what, we are all in this together, and there is no pulling us apart. In the tangled up mess of a community everyone matters and we are less without one of us.


As we gather in this Eucharist may we be reminded once again of staying grafted to the vine of Christ, because the only fruit worth sharing is what we produce together?



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