In our brokenness!

Wednesday of the 14th Week

Ordinary Time

Genesis 41: 55-57; 42:5-7, 17-24

Matthew 10:1-7 


Today we have these two beautiful stories of Joseph and Jesus meshed together to show us the connectedness between the stories and to bring us the good news we need today.


It all begins by understanding Jewish theology in which for the Jewish people, some numbers have spiritual meaning. The numbers such as 1, 3, 7, and 12, all have special meaning to the Jewish people. The number 12 has special significance because it conveys the totality, completeness, wholeness, of God’s power and authority. When the Jewish people heard these numbers, they would be already tuned in to knowing there the meaning of God’s word.


Here is an example of the connectedness of the number 12 in these readings. There are 12 sons of Jacob who will become the 12 tribes of Israel which will be for the Jewish the foundation of their faith. Jesus chooses 12 apostles to fulfill this foundation as the apostles will become the foundation of which Jesus builds his kingdom. Joseph and Jesus are both betrayed by others, they both give bread to eat, and both wept over the destruction they witnessed in their lives. The biggest take away from all of this is God uses brokenness to complete what he has begun.


Last night after my last appointment I went out for a walk. I put on my sunglasses and I began walking. As I was halfway through my walk I thought I had lost my sunglasses. I turned and began to run as hard as I could from where I came looking all over the walkway for my glasses. I was just ready to ask someone if they had seen a pair of sunglasses along the walk when I realize I had not lost my sunglasses; they were on my head. I had a feeling of great wholeness as I was relieved that I had not lost my glasses.


In our brokenness, God is still using us to fulfill his mission. May we never give up on ourselves because God will not give up on us.


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