We are blessed!

Tuesday of the 23rd Week

Colossians 2:6-15

Luke 6: 12- 19


My Chiropractor asks me, “What would you change in your life?” Without hesitating, I responded, “Nothing! I needed all the pain and the suffering to get me where I am and to know the joy of Christ.” I know that sounds pretty saintly, but I have come to know the truth of not changing a thing in my life.  Well, I may have changed not stabbing the neighbor’s pet turtle when I was about four years old.


In our Gospel, Jesus spends the whole night in prayer. Any time we hear of Jesus going to prayer, this is a sign to us that something significant is about to happen. Usually he goes away for a short time, but this time it is for all night long, so we know that something spectacular is going to happen. Accompanying him up the mountain is all of his disciples, and in the morning he chooses from them twelve who would become the inner circle whom he would call apostles. Clearly who has chosen it is not of human success. There is Peter who is boastful and unreliable, there is James and John who are ambitious hotheads, Nathaniel who has little confidence in anything coming out of Galilee, Matthew is a former Roman tax collector, Thomas has his doubts, Simon is a zealot, and Judas Iscariot will betray him. Jesus could have changed his mind, but he did not because he wants to demonstrate that in our fallen human state God is still there bringing us to blessings.


St. Paul is telling us don’t change a thing, dig deep roots so when those troubling times come, your roots will be deep and you will not topple over.


What might you want to change that may be a blessing!




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